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Tennis Food Reward Machine

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Color: Machine
Product Description


Pet Ball Launcher Toy Dog Tennis Food Reward Machine Thrower Interactive Treatment Slow Feeder Toy Suitable

This model is a tennis reward machine, not an electric tennis ball machine. The ball cannot be launched, but just rolls off.
Commodity name:  tennis reward machine (interactive series)
Packing size: 22*23.5*20cm (manual measurement)
Product size: 16*16*20cm
Packing list: reward machine body *1
Instruction manual*1

When your dog puts the ball in. It fell into the hole, then rolled out and distributed snacks.
Multifunctional, can be used as a dog toy, feeder, trainer, slow food bowl, etc.
6cm elastic tennis ball, suitable for pets of different ages. There are removable physical disks on both sides, so it is clean and hygienic.
Made of high-quality and safe materials, durable and reliable for a long time.
Help keep your pet active and healthy.





Color: Machine
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