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Electric Heating Pad Warm

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Color: 8 gear-Pink
Size: 30X35cm
Product Description

Warm reminder:
It is strictly prohibited to fold and use with electricity. When using, it should be laid flat and no more than 40kg of heavy objects should be placed on it during high-temperature use
The 3-gear only has a simple temperature adjustment and no temperature timing effect,
The 8-gear is a timed version that can be powered off for 2, 6, 8, and 12 hours. The overheated automatic power off function is not available in the 3rd gear. Please carefully read the options
All options will come with anti bite tubes to prevent pets from biting wires


Product advantages:

1 8-speed temperature control, 3 timing options, and one gentle press to adjust the temperature according to your preferences

2 intelligent constant temperature provides a suitable temperature experience for pets

3. Safe waterproof and flame retardant

4 wear-resistant and scratch resistant

5 Energy saving and electricity saving

6 Skin friendly and comfortable

Fast heating, uniform heating, double helix technology, overheating automatic power outage, safety protection, pet

Color: 8 gear-Pink
Size: 30X35cm
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